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Where’s my £430…

February 19, 2010

If you were a cool £430, where would you be hiding? I’ve tried to look for mine using a systematic and logical approach. Expectantly I had a look behind the fridge, nothing there. Under the bed, still nothing. Then I thought that I was having a moment of clarity and decided to have a rummage down the back of the sofa, surely it has got to be there. But alas there was not a wodge of cash only a couple of coppers and an eclectic collection of fluff.

My £430 is not hiding out with the odd sock that goes missing when you’ve done your laundry, nor is it on the run with Lord Lucan, instead it is hidden in the little bits of my forgetfulness, when I over estimate and a don’t quite make a plan. It is never that far away, revealing itself again and again. It appears sometime at lunch time, or it will come round for dinner every once in a while. When I’m cooking for friends or family it can often make a special guest appearance, uninvited it will simply crash the party. Only revealing itself once I’m having the fun of clearing up.

My £430 is gone but easy to find…

To my annoyance it, my £430, can sometimes be found when the fridge door swings open, the light comes on and I’m about to put the shopping into the cooler. Then, there it is, looking at you from the depths of the fridge. My £430 or part of it anyway in the form of the yoghurt pot that has been left way too long for munching, or that half tub of crème fraiche that didn’t quite get finished. Maybe it’s the half bag of spinach that only a sailor man named Popeye could finish, or the green pepper that got left behind from the bag of three, left after its yellow and red friends were finished long ago.

These are some of the places that I’ve found some of my £430 hiding. Let me explain what I’ve been looking for. If I’m an average person living in an average Scottish household, which I think I am, give or take a bit, then £430 is the average cost of food waste that my household produces each year. It is the food that got bought, maybe cooked, prepared, put into the fridge, freezer or cupboards but was never eaten. And I would hazard a guess that £430 is to you, as it is to me, quite a sizable sum to throw out.

So I’ve been looking to see where my money’s been hiding, as I want it back.

The hardest thing to do in trying to find the hidden sterling, I find is to believe or admit that it is actually there to be found in the first place. As it’s not the smartest thing in the world to be wasting food and money, and not something that the average person, me included, wants to admit to.

Thankfully though once you start looking for it and start thinking about it, it is quite easy to see and find. Even better than that, for most things it is often simple to do something about. Writing a shopping list isn’t very rock n’ roll but it makes a difference. Just looking into the fridge before heading out to the shops is enough to remind me that Mr Spinach is due for a cheesy date with Miss Crème Fraiche before it’s too late. See what spinach, cheese and crème fraiche can make with the recipe finder. A sort of Blind Date tool for food.

And once you’ve started to look for yours it can become quite obsessive. I’ve started to find my £430, some of it though still needs to be brought back home, but it is getting there.

Why not have a look for your own £430, it is surprising where you can find it. Where’s your £430…

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