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Say cheese to the dairy fairy

February 24, 2010

We’ve been fermenting for a year now, with our stomachs churning, but fear not, it hasn’t ‘pasteurise’ without you noticing, it’s time to milk it once again, the cream of the year’s festivals is upon us…

…yes, it’s National Dairy Week!

Don't be wary, of the dairy fairy

National Dairy Week 2010 runs from 22nd – 28th February and raises awareness of the nutritional benefits of dairy products and the vital role they can play as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

98% of the country’s fridges have a dairy product of some kind in them and supermarkets sell more dairy than any other variety of food, so it’s no surprise that many dairy foods are wasted.

In fact, £93 million of dairy waste is thrown away by Scottish households every year – that’s enough for everyone in Scotland to have milk on their cereal for the next 6 months!

The National Dairy Week campaign advises us that dairy foods are important in the diets of all age groups; they are nutritious and can play a vital role as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

So, here are a few hints and tips to make the most of your dairy,

  • When you’re shopping, remember to look at the use by dates to make sure you are able to use them in time.
  • All your dairy products should be refrigerated within two hours of purchase. Ice cream and other frozen dairy products should be put in the freezer as soon as possible.
  • Keep all your dairy products in the fridge, unless you plan to freeze them.
  • Remember to keep your fridge between 0-5°C.
  • Try rotating the food in your fridge, so that any food at the back that needs used up first is brought to the front.
  • For more hints, tips and recipe ideas for diary food visit
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