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A source of inspiration

March 15, 2010

 This week I was ambushed at my doorstep and challenged by a work colleague. He and a film crew then marched into my house, rummaged through my cupboards and asked me to cook for them! Now before you all start thinking I have a good case for an unfair employment tribunal, it was all in the name of Love Food Hate Waste! 

As some of you might already know the Love Food Hate Waste campaign has recently launched some great online tools, such as our new portion calculator and recipe finder. Now it’s all fine and well to write articles and press releases about how wonderful these tools are, but until you try them for yourself or watch them in action you can’t really comprehend how easy they are to use and helpful they actually can be.

The recipe finder, on our website, is a great source of inspiration for the kitchen. Simply pop in a few ingredients that you already have in your cupboards and fridge and it will come up with a mouth watering menu of easy to make culinary classics.

Ross, who landed the role of being our quiz master for the day set me the challenge of making a quick tasty meal using a cauliflower, leek and pepper. When this array of ingredients was set in front of me I’m not going to lie I was a bit panicked, I am no Jamie Oliver in the kitchen and cauliflowers aren’t something I usually cook with, instead I usually choose the easy option and eat them raw! However there was no need for concern, after typing in this eclectic mix of veg I was given an array of exciting meals to choose from and settled upon cooking cauliflower risotto. The recipe only required a few other ingredients, which I already had in my store cupboard, and didn’t involve anything too complicated so we decided to give it a go.

Risotto, I think, has a bad reputation of being time consuming complex dish that only talented chefs should take on. However the recipe that I had been asked to prepare was anything other than that. It had a short ingredient list, only consisted of 5 steps and involved no complicated cooking techniques. Ideal for Jenny the amateur chef!

Within 30 minutes the risotto was ready and Ross (the guinea pig) was sheepishly taking the first bite. Although the kitchen smelt amazing, my average cooking skills had me worried. We all stood with baited breath, watching him nervously, slowly chew the forkful. After what seemed like forever he looked at me with a big smile and gave me the seal of approval – it was really good!

Soon we were all tucking in, and all thoroughly surprised at how great it tasted. Gary (our lovely camera man) liked it so much he cooked it for his girlfriend the next day!

The video is in production stages at the moment and should be ready in a few weeks at

Why don’t you try setting yourself a Love Food Hate Waste challenge today and see what scrumptious surprises you can whip up in your kitchen.

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