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Tasty bites for a half time treat!

June 21, 2010

Hungry by half time? Read on for quick meals to keep hunger at bay until the final whistle!

Picture the scene; you’ve got your friends rounds, all packed into your living room staring at your t.v, the atmosphere is charged with everyone cheering on their favourite world cup team, annoying the neighbours with their vuvuzela’s, the half time whistle blows and you hear the mutterings from your mates that they’re hungry. With only 15mins to go what are you going to do?


When you’re short on time the Love Food Hate Waste recipe finder is the ideal way to keep your hungry football fans at bay. Simply have a quick look in your cupboards and fridge, enter 3 ingredients into the recipe finder and select a quick and simple recipe to stave off your starvation! Many of our recipe suggestions take less than 15minutes to make, perfect time for a speedy half time snack!

Next time the half time whistle blows, rather than join the players for their orange quarters why not rustle up some Speedy Cheesy pasta  which only has a cooking time of 10 minutes, or what about a Frittata which only needs 8 minutes to cook and is also a great way to use up leftovers in your fridge!


If you fancy something a bit more substantial why not prepare something before kickoff so that it can cook during the first half? Our recipe for home-made lasagne  is really simple to prepare and takes 45minutes to cook, perfect timing to enjoy during the second half or as a celebratory or commiseration meal after the final whistle blows!

Ensure you don’t miss a minute of the world cup action by planning your meals and food shopping in advance. Not only will it reduce your food waste but it will also save you money and time, so you don’t have to go into extra minutes in the supermarket!

Although Scotland has no hope of celebrations at the end of this summer’s World Cup, ensure you’re a winner in the kitchen by following our Love Food Hate Waste hints and tips.

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