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European Week for Waste Reduction

November 26, 2010

Did you know that this week is European Week for Waste Reduction? What is this I hear you cry! Well it’s all about highlighting waste reduction activities across Europe and raising awareness of what individuals, organisations, education establishments and businesses can do to reduce waste by making simple changes to everyday behaviour.

As part of the week, Love Food Hate Waste is being promoted across the country by local authorities, community groups, schools and universities in an effort to help people reduce their food waste.  Here’s a wee taste of what’s going on!

Caledonia Primary, Mayfield Primary, St Anthony’s and Winton Primary all in North Ayrshire are raising awareness of the amount of waste produced over lunch times in their school. Throughout the week, the schools will be carrying out a food waste audit which will be fed back to catering and parents so that issues such as portion size can be addressed. What a great idea!

Students at St Mary’s Episcopal Primary School in Dunblane have set a target of reducing their food and packaging waste by half by Christmas, and kick-started this campaign during the European Week for Waste Reduction. Another great initiative!

Pupils at Holy Cross Primary in North Lanarkshire are visiting their local food waste treatment facility so they can learn what happens to their food waste once it’s collected. I am sure it’s going to be an eye-opening experience.

In Moray they are taking waste prevention on tour! The Waste Aware team will be out and about at various locations across Moray helping residents learn how they can reduce their household waste.

Is there an event near you? Visit to see what’s going on in your local area!

The Love Food Hate Waste team also wanted to get involved in the week and decided it was about time we had organised our first television ad! Look out for it on STV until the 28th of November or if you want a sneaky peak…

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