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Britain’s Best Dish visits Scotland

January 10, 2011

Britain’s Best Dish, ITV1’s nationwide cooking competition to find the country’s most mouth-watering dish returns in 2011 for a fifth series.

The auditions are in Glasgow on Saturday 5th February 2011 and anyone who would like to be considered for the auditions should contact or call 09011 22 33 11.

Last year saw Jonathon Davies from Leeds scoop the £10,000 first prize with a sumptuous dish of Seared Masala Spring Lamb. Amateur chefs from Norfolk and Hampshire have also triumphed in previous contests – so could 2011 be the year when someone from Scotland rises to the top?

Jonathon Davies’s Seared Masala Spring Lamb, Britain’s Best Dish 2010

The show’s producers are hoping to attract lots of local culinary talent to compete for the £10,000 cash prize.

So, this got me thinking: what would Britain’s best dish be for you?

It occurred to me that although we each have different tastes – what makes one person’s mouth water, makes another turn up their nose – surely there must be criteria that we each agree is important in establishing the very best dish to come out of the county?

I imagine that we would agree that British sourced ingredients would be vital. And that the dish would make the very best of those ingredients in terms of flavour and suitable cooking.

What about how the ingredients are sourced? Would the very best dish in Britain come from ingredients sustainably produced?

It won’t surprise you to hear that, for me, not only would Britain’s best dish consider the source of ingredients, but also its responsibility to minimise waste.

The judges await your waste-free culinary masterpiece

As a judge, I’d be looking to see that the dish uses the whole bird or fish, leaving nothing to waste. I’d be ensuring the dish is a sensible portion, so that – no matter how tasty – half will not be left on the plate.

Wouldn’t it be exciting and refreshing if the best dish in Britain came from sustainably sourced ingredients (or leftovers!), tasted incredible and wasted nothing?

So, my plea to the nation of Scotland is to step up to the plate (sorry) with a dish worthy of truly being called, Britain’s best dish!

To get your creative juices flowing visit Love Food Hate Waste’s recipe pages for some inspiration.

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