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Is it just a Pancake?

March 8, 2011

To create the humble pancake all you need is just a few ingredients, a touch of skill and an eye for imagination. This little creation, synonymous with Shrove Tuesday, is a fantastic way to use up some leftover ingredients that you need to eat. From using up some eggs, milk, flour and butter in the cooking to the sweet and savoury ingredients that can form the toppings there is a host of ways to love food and hate waste with just a pancake.

Here are some of our top tips for some classic pancake toppings. These can make the pancakes and the toppings go even further.

The Classic – Lemon and Sugar:  

The classic combination - lemon and sugar

These are the truly classic toppings for crepe style pancakes. The sweet sugar takes the edge off the sharp lemon and both work with the richness of the crepe.

Extra lemon juice – to get more liquid from your lemon roll it on a hard surface before giving it the squeeze. Any lemon juice that is left over can be frozen in ice cube trays to be used a little later.

  The Savoury – Ham or chicken with cheese and vegetables:

Savour the flavour

A simple cheese sauce with any spare ham or cooked chicken from the fridge makes a great topping. Cover the pancake and roll up before heating in a medium oven until piping hot. This makes a delightful savoury snack or light meal.

Extra pancakes - can be frozen; just place between layers of cling film, wrap in foil before freezing.

 The Sweet – Bananas and berries:

Add bananas into the pancake batter

The sweetness of ripe bananas can be incorporated into the pancake batter. During the summer you can use any spare berries you may have or fruit for a sweet topping. Soften the fruit in pan over a gentle heat and enjoy the combination.

Extra bananas – keeping your bananas in the bag they come in can help keep them fresher for longer. Bananas can also be frozen for use at a later date, but the skins will turn brown.

  The Sweet and Savoury – Bacon and syrup:

A treat with the savoury and sweet

Combining the sweetness of syrup – maple syrup works well here – with the salty taste of bacon is an odd looking but great tasting combination.

Extra bacon – check the ‘use by’ date label on bacon so that you can use it in time, or freeze this before the end of the use by date for future use.

Whatever you do and however you roll your pancake, find yourself a simple recipe, or use a ready mix and begin to make the most of this little creation. It can use up spare ingredients and may help you reduce your food waste.

Just a pancake? No, it can be so much more.

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