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Burns Night – Zero Waste Style

January 24, 2012

This year as you go haggis hunting in the annual celebration of Mr Burns’ birthday there a few simple tips to make this year’s Burns supper a great one and a zero waste one to boot. From the haggis aficionado’s to the haggis virgins amongst us here are our top tips.

Have an excelent birthday Mr Burns!

Have an excelent birthday Mr Burns!

The haggis – Taking centre stage you will want to know if you are going to go for traditional or vegetarian haggis. Perhaps a bit of both of this Great Chieftan o’ the Puddin’-race! But how much haggis does one person need? If you only cook haggis a few times a year it can be hard to remember. Here is a quick guide for how much to serve:

  • Starter 100g (4oz) per person
  • Main course 150-200g (6-8oz) per person

When you buy your haggis look for the number it serves if this is on the packet or ask your butcher what size you will need. If you end up with more haggis than you need you could freeze the extra for a later date or use it in an alternative recipe.

Neeps and tatties – The ever trusted sidekicks of creamed potatoes and mashed turnip are the truly classic companions to the champion dish.  Although they are not the main attraction make sure you don’t cook a mountain of mash or overlook these by using a portion guide:

  • Mashed potato 80g (3oz) per person – about 5 small potatoes
  • Turnip 80g (3oz) per person – this is about 3 heaped table spoons

If you have extra mash that you are not able to finish don’t despair. These can be frozen for use in a recipe sometime later or refrigerated to use within a couple of days.

Haggis lesagne, stuffed peppers or haggis nachos. What will you be having?

Recipes – The telling and the retelling of a story is like following a recipe. You can take the characters – the food you have – and rework them to tell a very different tale. From haggis lasagne, to haggis nachos or haggis pakora there are many alternative ways to make serve this. These can be the perfect way to use up any leftovers, to put your own spin on the Burns night or serve to fussy eaters.

You, your family and friends along with Mr Burns can surely have a fantastic time. Whatever story you tell together, write it with intention and passion and look to leave out all the waste.

There are plenty of puddings around this time of year, just try not to become one yourself.

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