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This Valentine’s Day, follow our simple rules of ‘dating’ to impress your loved ones…

February 14, 2012

The rules of dating can confuse even the greatest Casanova, but never fear Love Food Hate Waste are here to set you straight and give you the dating knowledge to ensure a Valentine’s day to remember.

Love Eggs

To become an expert in dating, it’s important that you understand two very important rules.  The first concerns the ‘best before’ date.  Food with a best before should be safe to eat after this date, but may no longer be at its best.  So never fear, if you serve your sweetheart something past its best before date, she might not be as delighted with the taste as she could be, but you can be safe in the knowledge that your Valentine’s legacy won’t be giving her a bout of food poisoning.  The exception to this rule is eggs, which should never be eaten after their best before date.

Love Strawberries

The second rule of dating concerns the ‘use by’ date.  Usually found on meat, fish and dairy, the use by date tells you when food can be safely consumed.  Food with a use by date can be eaten up until this date, but even if it smells and looks fine after the use by date, it could put your health at risk.  And don’t worry if your Valentine stands you up and you can only manage half the mountain of scallops and strawberries you’ve bought – you can also freeze them up until the end of their use by date.

Love MoneyTo avoid post-Valentine’s Day food waste, make sure you plan and write a shopping list.  When you’re going around the supermarket bear in mind the rules of dating, and think about whether or not you’ll use the food up in time – perishable items on buy one get one free are only a good deal if you’ll use them in time.  And remember to pop any excess in an airtight container in the freezer for another day – almost all food can be frozen, including hard cheese, eggs, bread, and homemade meals.  Visit for more freezer tips.

Following these simple hints should ensure that you don’t waste any food, leaving you with extra pennies to buy your loved one a special present!

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