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Breakfast – ripping up the routine

March 16, 2012

Ring ring… buzz buzz! be-beep, beep-de-la beep, snooze, 9mins later:

what is that noise?

Ring ring, buzz buand-snooze, sigh…
Another 9mins later: Ring ring, buzz buzz, be-beep, beep-de-la Hit the off button, open an eye – perhaps both, squint for a while. And I am awake again. Hello morning.


Morning: Routine tends to reign supreme. Lots to do so some friends used to help out. A little bit of order, some logic and perhaps a plan to make the most of start to the day.

Kitchen door? Open her up. Kettle – ‘Whoosh’ a cup of fresh water. Click – first brew in a couple of minutes. Scratch head, rub beard (optional extra), stretch and yawn. Engage the brain – ‘body hungry, need to eat…BREAKFAST! Great idea.’

Breakfast: As the saying goes it is the most important meal of the day. Much thought goes into it (you can choose whether to end this sentence with an exclamation or question mark)?/!

Filling up early on.

Move around the kitchen.
Bread bin, opened – but empty – disaster, minor breakfast bakery incident.
From somewhere deep the thought surfaces – there is a loaf in the freezer. Couple of slices of the frozen loaf removed. Toasting from frozen – is like cooking with gas. Mr Icy Slicey has been transformed into Miss Terrific Toasty – hot stuff.

Thoughtless: So many things we do in a day. Lots of little actions that we need to do in sequence to live one more day. Most of these things you don’t even realise or think too much about after a while. Brushing your teeth, combing your hair, tying your shoe laces. They just happen, you just do it all. Almost automatically sometimes in a bit of a haze. The routine.

Dry cereal, in bowl. Milk, some yoghurt from fridge to jazz it up a bit.
Fruit bowl – banana, way overripe, super soft, chuck it. Evicted from the fruit bowl to the new home in the freezer. A temporary lease until it is made into a smoothie or some banana bread. Proper yum!

Routine: Simple routines can be great. Making breakfast, getting the right amount of cereal, keeping the bread so it stays fresh to be used in time and putting it all together is not hard. With a simple routine you can develop more complex ones. A weekly shop, the dinner for tonight or the rest of the week. How to use those leftovers and spare ingredients from having friends round for a meal. Just need to figure out a little routine for each. You can do it for breakfast.

From what is in your fridge, freezer, fruit bowl, cupboards or bread bin you can create just what you need and avoid waste – if you can do this for breakfast the same can be true for the rest of the day.

Goodbye breakfast: Hello world!


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